Network Support

Do you find yourself fixing network issues more that utilizing them?  Do you need to access your network remotely or share documents and resources across many users?

RDC Networks can help your business redesign your corporate network by:

  • Choosing which server products are the best fit for your operations
  • Deciding server and firewall requirements for a solid network foundation
  • Purchase the proper hardware and software for easy transition and longevity
  • Setup and install your server hardware and program all system configurations
  • Train and support your IT Departments post installation
  • Right-size your smaller network through online collaboration using Office 365’s Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business so there is no need to purchase additional hardware

The benefits of using our expert services are:

  • You’ll save valuable time and resources getting it setup right the first time.
  • increase proficiency
  • Getting your IT Departments up to speed on the latest technology.

A server may not be in your budget this year, but it can be part of your future business plan. Involving RDC at the planning stage can save your business thousands of dollars wasted in keeping obsolete technology online. We will work with you and any budget to keep your business running proficiently and effectively no matter how small.

With our Remote Help Desk and Monthly Server Maintenance Contracts, we will keep your network and data secure so you can focus on what matter most – your business.